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how to display 2 numbers on in the same Single Value panel


I want to show the number of successes and failures in a single value panel. How should I do this?

splunk version: 6.4.3

Like the screenshot below, green is successful, red is failures

index = test  
|eval classification=if(eventtype="a","successful","failures")
|stats count by classification

alt text

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Hi bestSplunker,

Have a look at this run everywhere search:

| makeresults count=100 
| eval number=random() 
| streamstats sum(number) AS total 
| eval value=if(number > (total * 0.5), 100, 50) 
| stats count by value `comment("This is creating fake events ...")`
| table count 
| transpose 
| eval display='row 1' ." / ". 'row 2' 
| table display

This will create a single field with the value of 2 / 98 as an example.
I'm unsure if you can do the colouring with green and red.

Hope this helps ...

cheers, MuS

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