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how can we add data to a lookup file thorugh form ???


Hi .

I have using a form with a textbox and search button ? wat ever the data i given in textbox it should be added to the lookup file.how can i do it ??

my lookup file is something like this Test.data


Mydata is the field in the lookup file , now when ever i enter a new no in the text box it should append to the text file ?? how can i do this ?please help

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The outputlookup command will push results from a search to a static lookup tabe. So your form needs to have a search that takes the value of the textfield and runs a search using the output lookup command.


Note: I think before Splunk 5.0 you could not use this to append data. You could only replace a look table.

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Splunk Employee

i think what you're looking for is a combination of a lookup and a workflow:

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