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help with rex

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Trying to evaluate the below:


Below seem to be not working. Anything wrong with this?

| rex field=_raw "1min=(?<1min>.+?);5min=(?<5min>.+?);60min=(?<60min>.+?);24hr=(?<24hr>.+?)"
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Try this search code

.........................|rex field=_raw "1min\=(?<one_min>[^\;])\;5min\=(?<five_min>[^\;])\;60min\=(?<sixty_min>[^\;])\;24hr\=(?<twenty_four_hr>[\d+])"|table one_min five_min sixty_min twenty_four_hr
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You could try to be more specific in the matching, like;

rex "1min=(?<1min>\d+);5min=(?<5min>\d+);60min=(?<60min>\d+);24hr=(?<24hr>\d+)"

btw, you don't need the field=_raw, since that is the default.

Or you could look into the DELIMS parameter in transforms.conf

in props.conf

REPORT-blaha = semicolondelims

in transforms.conf

DELIMS= ";", "="

This tells Splunk that key/value pairs are separated by a semi-colon, and that the keys are separated from the values by an 'equals' character.


Hope this helps,



I am not to sure to understand what you are trying to do. Why not using :

| extract pairdelim=";", kvdelim="=", auto=f
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