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group fields in search command


i would like to send an alert when newwork interface is down more than 3 min. That is to say i wanna group the field named "Status" together which value is either up or down, and the time difference is within 3 min. Now if i use "%LINK-3-UPDOWN"... | transaction host, interface | where eventcont%2!=0 per 3 min. but it have problems when e.g. down event is at 2:50 and up is at 3:10 (scheduled search is at 0:00,3:00,6:00...) even covering the search time range still exists this problem. any other best way to do this? thanks and regards,

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Re: group fields in search command


In general you'd want some overlap in your search. So, if your search runs at 0:00, 3:00, and 6:00, you wouldn't want the search to only look back 3 hours. You'd want to look back maybe 3 hours 15 minutes.

However, that won't completely solve your problem because the outage could be days long. Maybe you could add something like this if there's no up event?

... | eval do_alert=if(now() - _time >= 180, "True", "False")

And then on the schedule set the alert to a custom condition of:

search do_alert=True
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