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finding difference between two dates



how do i find the difference between two dates which are in the form 12-JAN-2003? How do i first convert months to decimal form? i tried using following command-
..|eval start_dt=strptime(START_DATE,"%d-%m-%Y")

its not giving any value. Please let me know how do i do the conversion and find the difference between 2 dates.

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%m refers to the month in numerical form, i.e. 01 in the case of January. %b is the abbreviated 'text' format, i.e. 'Jan'. For more information, see www.strftime.net

Also, it would probably be better to continue and edit your original question http://splunk-base.splunk.com/answers/79857/how-to-subtract-10-jan-2012-11-jan-2010


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