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field value as a search pattern for filtering


I have got table, which contains field SSS with search patterns and another field FFF, to which I want apply search patterns in order to get records with matches.

Something like:
SSS                  FFF
*Tomcat*       /opt/app/tomcat/
*jquery*          libxml2-2.9.1-6.el7.5.x86_64
*                         Package Installed Version Required Version python-perf
*jquery*           jQuery Version Prior to 3.5.0

Can't figure out case insensitive solution, which will return the first, third and fourth record.

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At the end of day I came to dirty workaround 🙂 Will leave comment here, may be it will help to somebody.

I used | eval EEE=if(match(FFF,".*".SSS.".*"), 1,0) to indicate matches, but had to change SSS field wildcards, thankfully it was made by semimanual CSV.  Match function uses regex, so I had to remove * wildcards before and especially after, replace all * by .* and shorten search words to exclude potential capital letters - like omcat or uery ). As you can see, solution is still case insensitive, so feel free to offer improvements.

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