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I am able to execute the below search command using rex and retrieve the output successfully

index=xyz | rex field=_raw "queue[\s=]'(?.*)'([\s:]|$)" | search q1='test.queue'

however when i am creating a filed extraction using regex for the above "q1" field i am unable to retrieve any results.(index=xyz | q1='test.queue'
regex used in field extraction page is queue[\s=]'(?.*)'([\s:]|$)

can anyone help me in letting me know how to create the field extraction from a rex command

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Tried using the "where" command?


so use it something like ... index=xyz | rex field=_raw "queue[s=]'(?.*)'([s:]|$)" | where like(q1, "test.queue")

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2012-01-03 16:42:17.346 [MSG:234123] acknowledged by user='admin': queue='test.queue'
2012-01-03 16:42:17.334 : Destroyed producer (connid=10, sessid=9, prodid=4) into queue 'test.queue'

in both the cases im trying to extract queue field

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

It would help if you could post a sample of your data.

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