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I need to extract the following as different values for revenue.
Revenue 374256 318747 271437 271957
Was thinking of using rex command, but cant really work it out. Some help please..

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I'm not good with regular expressions yet but here's how I would do it:

let's say your field is called 'revenue' and it's exactly the string you posted. Revenue 374256 318747 271437 271957

| REX field="revenue" "Revenue (?.*)" | eval rev=split(rev," ") | table revenue,rev

  1. the REX command creates a field called 'rev' which simply remvoves the string "Revenue" from your original value
  2. The SPLIT function creates a multivalue field by breaking the value 'rev' on each space in the string

If you wanted to break your values into separate events you could add:

<your_search> | REX field="revenue" "Revenue (?<rev>.*)" | eval rev=split(rev," ") | mvexpand rev | table revenue,rev

I admit I am still developing my understanding of regular expressions. You will likely find a way to use the single REX command along with REX's max_match="0" attribute to create a multivalue field from the REX generated value.

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Try following

<your base search> | rex field=yourfield "Revenue (?P<Revenue>.+)" | eval Revenue=split(Revenue," ") | mvexpand Revenue
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