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eval isnull() always returns true


We're using Splunk to monitor EDI traffic onto our backend system. We want to have a single value panel that shows green when an order has been received, yellow, when there's been no order and it's prior to 16:00 and red when there's been no order and it's 16:00+

Here's the command I used, but the isnull always returns 0 even when EDI-count is greater than 0.

source="C:\\Monitor\\Vista\\EDI\\EDISPLUNK.csv" NOT _raw="Date,Time,Type,Account,Name,Order Qty,EAN,SAN,Order Ref,Order Date,From1,From2" host="Vista-EDI2" AND Name="Companyname*" 
| stats count as EDI-count
| eval Time=now()
| convert timeformat=%H:%M ctime(Time)
| eval Got=if(isnull(EDI-count),0,1)
| eval Test=case(Got=0 and Time>="16:00",0,Got=0 and Time<"16:00",2,Got=1,4)
| rangemap field=Test low=4-5 elevated=2-3 default=severe
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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I think that stats will give you a 0 for the count if there are no matching events, not null. Zero isn't null.

It also appears that Splunk may be interpreting the field name "EDI-count" as a subtraction of two undefined fields EDI and count. I had to remove the - (or change it to an underscore) to make it work in my testing.

The EDI_count field is effectively acting as a boolean already, but if you want to normalize it to (0|1), your eval call would look like:
eval Got=if(EDI_count,1,0), or eval Got=if(EDI_count==0,0,1) if you're the explicit type.

Note also that you can save a step with your Time field and do eval Time=strftime(now(), "%H:%M").


That's perfect thanks.

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