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eval if(X,Y,Z) always returns Z whether X matches or not



I'm trying to do this exact same thing but my search doesn't seem to recognize when Event="mock". It sets the Z value to MedRepoCloneMergeTime, regardless. I've tried changing the Z value and that changes, but when the X matches, it doesn't return Y, only Z. So it is returning Z and not ignoring the eval all together.

|eval MedRepoCloneMergeTime=if(Event="mock", "NA", MedRepoCloneMergeTime)

When X doesn't match, it also returns Z.

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It depends on what you mean by match. In search, Event="mock" will be case insensitive, but in if/where, it will be case sensitive to make it the same, do this:

... |eval MedRepoCloneMergeTime=if(match(Event, "^(?i)mock$"), "NA", MedRepoCloneMergeTime)

Also, maybe you are assuming that Event has your event in it, but it does not, that field is called _raw so perhaps what you really need is this:

... |eval MedRepoCloneMergeTime=if(match(_raw, "(?i)mock"), "NA", MedRepoCloneMergeTime)

It is hard to tell because you did not give us your events.

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Z is the false statement, so its stating that field:"Event" does not match "mock". Try using a like statement

|eval "newEvent"=if(like(Event, "%mock%"), "true", "false")


That didn't work either.

MedRepoCloneMergeTime and Event are existing fields. It returns Z even if the eval should be true.

Event only has 4 options in my data. Even when I add Event="mock" to the search it returns false.

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@cblanton this is a very basic scenario which should work fine. Please try the following run anywhere example. When the Event is set to mock it returns NA. Which is the expected behavior.

| makeresults 
| eval Event="mock",MedRepoCloneMergeTime=strftime(now(),"%c")
| eval MedRepoCloneMergeTime=if(Event="mock", "NA", MedRepoCloneMergeTime)

This makes me think maybe the value in Event is not exactly the same as "mock". Does it have leading/trailing whitespace character? Or does it have a different casing?

Try with match() for regular expression case insensitive match instead of exact match | eval MedRepoCloneMergeTime=if(match(Event,"(?i)mock"), "NA", MedRepoCloneMergeTime)

Following is a run anywhere example to test this:

| makeresults 
| eval Event=" Mock ",MedRepoCloneMergeTime=strftime(now(),"%c")
| eval MedRepoCloneMergeTime=if(match(Event,"(?i)mock"), "NA", MedRepoCloneMergeTime)
| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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can you share your full search and data sample?

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