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Am using case statement to sort the fields according to user requirement and not alphabetically.

eval sort_field=case(wd=="SUPPORT",1, wd=="APPLICATION",2, wd=="STORAGE",3)

Works well when i have values for all the 3 rows but when i don't have value for a row then that is not visible . How can i make that visible with 0 values against that row.


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Whats your full search? Splunk won't show a field in statistics if there is no raw event for it. There are workarounds to it but would need to see your current search to before suggesting anything.

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try this:

...|eval sort_field=case(wd=="SUPPORT",1, wd=="APPLICATION",2, wd=="STORAGE",3,1=1, 0)

add default condition and set it's value to zero.

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Can you help me, i have the same probleme with this search : 

index=index_sqlprod-itrs_toc (severity=2 OR severity=0 OR severity="-1")

| eval ID=Env+"_"+Apps+"_"+Function+"_"+varname
| addinfo
| eval periode=info_max_time-info_min_time
| transaction ID startswith=(severity=2) maxevents=2
| eval start_time=mvindex(timestamp,0), end_time=mvindex(timestamp,1)
| stats sum(duration) AS duration_indispo by Function, periode
| eval Percent_Available = round((periode-duration_indispo)*100/periode,3)

| eval Env = case(
Function like "%OTMS%", "OTMS Alcatel",
Function like "%ASC Recorder%", "Enregistrement Téléphonie",
Function like "%ASC Core%", "ASC Core",
Function like "%Proxy%", "Téléphonie Alcatel Mobilité",
Function like "%Environnement Monitor%", "Environnement Monitor",
Function like "%Traps%", "Traps",
Function like "%System Management%", "System Management",
1==1, 100

| fillnull value=100.00
|table Env, Percent_Available


Works fine when I have values ​​for all rows of each function, but when I don't have a value for any row then the (function) row is not visible. How can I make this visible with 100 values ​​against this row

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