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HI ,
I have this query where i want my data in a specific format .
Here under each POD there are some 3-4 hosts ,whose total event count is 5 ...(highlighted)
Base query|stats count by host|addcoltotals

Similarly for POD 2 i have some different set of hosts whose counts is 10

Expected output:

Message POD1 POD2 Total
XYZ ........ 5.............10.......... 15

I used below query:
index="River" sourcetype=river_logs host="XYZ" OR "host="ABC" OR host="LM" OR "host="NOP" Message="*" |eval host=upper(host)|eval env=case( host=="XYZ" OR "host="ABC","POD1",host=="LM" OR "host=="NOP","POD2",1==1,"NOT MATCHED")|stats count by host env | chart values(count) over host by env

Which is giving result as :
host POD1....POD2
LM ...............5

NOP ............5

WHICH IS NO THE expected format of result .(". "are nothing but the spaces to show how exactly result is popping)
Please help me with this one

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Is your expected output is host being first column or Message being first column?

I am not sure why have you used two statistics i.e. stats and chart when you are trying to just perform count.

Following should give you the results you are expecting.

<your base search>
| chart count by host env
| addtotals row=t col=f 

1) If you want to reverse Column/Row split just reverse the by sequence i.e. chart count by env host
2) If you want to show column totals also then use change from col=f to col=t labelfield=host

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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Thank you it helped a lot .

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I have just used .....chart count by env |addcolstotals |fillnull value="Total" env
Its actually giving result as:

env Count
POD1 5
POD2 2
POD3 3
Total 10
I want it to be like
POD1 POD2 POD3 Total
5 2 3 10
I used transpose command but its giving result like:
column row1 row2 row 3
env POD1 POD2 POD3
Count 5 2 3

Is it possible to make "POD1" POD2 as table header instead of row 1, row 2 etc.
Please help me with this .

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