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drilldown based on time



the following pic shows the chart in the left hand side,  i want a drilldown based on time when i click on the graph. for example when i click on the spike value-49, i should get all the values for that time when the spike has happened.




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$click.value$ will give you the value from the x-axis. You can use this to frame your drilldown query

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i am not able to get the drilldown from the x-axis. 


This is my code: 

(index=hc_trials OR index=hc_prod) (HCREBOOT) $hubprod$ ($sversion1$) ($region$) $excludetest$

| search version="$form.sversion1$"
| fields + mac resetid deviceid version _time
| bin span=$spanres$ _time
| stats dc(mac) AS devices BY resetid version _time deviceid

| WHERE resetid = "HW"
| timechart sum(devices) span=$spanres$ by version


<option name="charting.axisTitleX.text">Period</option>
<option name="charting.axisTitleX.visibility">visible</option>
<option name="charting.axisTitleY.text">Number of reboots</option>
<option name="charting.axisTitleY.visibility">visible</option>
<option name="charting.axisTitleY2.visibility">visible</option>
<option name="charting.axisY.abbreviation">auto</option>
<option name="charting.axisY.scale">log</option>
<option name="charting.axisY2.enabled">0</option>
<option name="charting.axisY2.scale">inherit</option>
<option name="charting.chart">line</option>
<option name="charting.chart.nullValueMode">zero</option>
<option name="charting.chart.showDataLabels">minmax</option>
<option name="charting.drilldown">all</option>
<option name="charting.layout.splitSeries">0</option>
<option name="charting.layout.splitSeries.allowIndependentYRanges">0</option>
<option name="charting.legend.labelStyle.overflowMode">ellipsisMiddle</option>
<option name="charting.legend.mode">standard</option>
<option name="charting.legend.placement">bottom</option>
<option name="height">302</option>
<option name="refresh.display">progressbar</option>
<option name="trellis.enabled">0</option>
<set token="form.sversion1">$click.value$</set>


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$click.value$ is the corresponding value from the x-axis. What you probably need to is use it to calculate the earliest and latest times for your subsequent panel

          <eval token="select_start_hour">relative_time($click.value$, "@h")</eval>
          <eval token="select_end_hour">relative_time($select_start_hour$, "+1h@h")</eval>

Then use 

earliest=$select_start_hour$ latest=$select_end_hour$

 Obviously, you may need to adjust the values calculated depending on your need.

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