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disable drill down on statistics table for last row

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I have a table as shown below

team open>3 days open>4 days Avgdaystask_open
A 2 4 4
B 4 6 4
Total 6 10

As you see above this is a stats table which shows how many days task open for each team A and B I brought the last row total with my SPL query.

I have used conditional drill down for all values depending on fields and it is a drill down to another dashboard. I have even written condition for disabling drill down for average column and team column
the problem is I dont want user to click on last total row . I dont want to use the default total options in splunk dashboard because
it adds up even avg days open task , which is incorrect
please let me know how to achieve this.

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Re: disable drill down on statistics table for last row

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The easiest way is to move the total details to the header (field names) like I show here:
Then you don't need the last "Total" row and remove it so that there is nothing on which to click!

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