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dbx date parameters for apache drill in splunk

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I am trying to use apache drill to query mapr data via splunk.

Using a dbx to use the name

|dbxquery connection="Drill_" query="select count(a) as a, cast(TIME as date) as day
from table where time >= ? AND time <= ?

group by cast(TIME as date) " [|makeresults | addinfo | eval et=round(info_min_time, 0) | eval lt=if(info_max_time='+Infinity', 'now', round(info_max_time, 0)) | eval et=strftime(et,"%F")|eval lt=strftime(lt,"%F %T.%1N") | eval params=et.",".lt | fields params | format "" "" "" "" "" ""]

I get the error java.sql.SQLException: [MapR]JDBC Invalid parameter index: 1.

Looking for help

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