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cron in decimal

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I use Splunk 5.0.1

I want a scheduled search to run by 2.5 hours. Does the search accept decimal values?

like from:

-2.5h@h to now


cron: 0 */2.5 * * *

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According to stackoverflow you cannot do it in a single statement. The recommendation is to use two statements:

0 */5 * * * 


30 2,7,12,17,22 * * *

See the post:


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Well, I expected you would create two scheduled searches - one with one cron schedule, and one with the other. Splunk won't really care.

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Hey luke, I do want to try your method but we are allowed just one statement in cron in splunk 😞

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I think you can use this schedule


To run the query every 150 minutes


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No it doesn't take decimal value in cron schedule.

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-150m may be good to search for records in last 2.5 hours but it does not satisfy cron criteria. I need the search to run every 2.5 hours and when i try this it throws an error.

Encountered the following error while trying to update: In handler 'savedsearch': Invalid cron_schedule="*/150 * * * *"

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