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comparing data from index and input table

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your support too.

I have indexed data of staff events from a source. One field in that data is "Surname".

I have an input table of all staff, field 1 is "Surname".

Please can you help me to report on all staff names from the input CSV that do not have events in the indexed data?

Thank you so much!

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Something like this might help.

(your indexed search that returns Surname)
| stats count AS SurnameCount by Surname
| inputlookup staff_lookup.csv append=true
| chart sum(surnameCount) as abc by Surname
| eval abc=if(isnotnull(abc),abc,0)
| where abc=0

This uses a sentinel value concept, better explained here: https://conf.splunk.com/session/2015/conf2015-LookupTalk.pdf on slide 25

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