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case - expression is malformed


What am I doing wrong?
* Account_Name=smithjt OR Account_Name=jonestt*
|eval X1=case (Account_Name=="smithjt", "John T Smith", Account_Name=="jonestt", "Tom T Jones")
|table Account_Name, X1

I get --- Error in 'eval' command: The expression is malformed. An unexpected character is reached at "Tom T Jones"

I have tried replacing == with ==, putting in " marks and taking them out. What is the unexpected character?

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The above answers would be correct but you can try this one also.

index="index_name" Account_Name=smithjt OR Account_Name=jonestt
|eval X1=case (like(Account_Name,"%smithjt%"),"John T Smith", like(Account_Name,"jonestt"), "Tom T Jones")
|table Account_Name, X1

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I think the major problem was that there were two Account_Names but if there is only one Account_Name the search still works well. Spacing seemed to be important and quotes are required.
* Account_Name=smithja OR Account_Name=jonesst* OR Account_Name=davisgs
|eval name1=mvindex(Account_Name,0)
|eval name2=mvindex(Account_Name,1)
|eval FN1=case(name1==”smitha”, ”John A Smith”,
name1==”jonesst”, ”Steve T Jones”,
name1==”jonesst-admin”, ”Steve T Jones”,
name1==”davisgs”, “Gregg S Davis”)
|eval FN2=case(name2==”smitha”, ”John A Smith”,
Name2==”jonesst”, ”Steve T Jones”,
Name2==”jonesst-admin”, ”Steve T Jones”,
Name2==”davisgs”, “Gregg S Davis”)
|table name1, FN1, name2, FN2

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Try retyping the query in search bar (OR in notepad and then copy the query).

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there shouldn't be anything wrong.

|makeresults|eval Account_Name="jonestt"|eval X1=case (Account_Name="smithjt", "John T Smith", Account_Name="jonestt", "Tom T Jones")

I did this with both== and = and it worked just fine. what version are you on?

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