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Worst X in timechart


When you have a timechart, by default you get the largest 10 values, then everything else bucketed into OTHER.

Can anyone think of an effective way to get the smallest 10 (or X) in a timechart?

What I have is KBps, and I want to find the values that have the worst performance over time.

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Sure. The answer to this question takes you back to the old clunky syntax for changing how many split-by values would be shown. The old syntax to change from 10 hosts to 50 hosts was:

<your search> | timechart count by host where sum in top50

and this was of course later streamlined to :

<your search> | timechart count by host limit=50

but the old verbose syntax still works, and indeed can can do "bottom50":

<your search> | timechart count by host where sum in bottom50
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Splunk Employee

If you disable OTHER does that have the desired effect? Something like:

... | timechart useother=false limit=10 min(KBps) by host
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I believe that would show the 10 largest minimums.

I thought of a hacky double search way...

sourcetype=foo [search sourcetype=foo | stats avg(KBps) as avg by host | sort -avg | head 10 | fields + host] | timechart avg(KBps) by host

but I was hoping for something more elegant.

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