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Why splunk stop to extract new fields for some reason?


Hi Splunkers,

I will cut the intro and talk straight to the problem:

I have 5 fields that were declared on props.conf, lets say:

FIELDALIAS-alias-may="field1" AS fieldA "field2" AS fieldB "field3" AS field3 "datefield" AS date
created "field5" AS fieldE

I can find field1, fieldA, field2, fieldB, datefield, field5 on the indexed fields, but not for date_created, and fieldE.

but when i move the "field3" AS field3 to the very last of the line, I can find datefield, date_created, field5, and fieldE.

I know it is not a best practice to put the same field name in the props.conf, but why splunk stop the field extraction when it hit error? I think splunk should be able to ignore the error on thus field and continue to extract the next fields.

Can I consider this as a bug?

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Re: Why splunk stop to extract new fields for some reason?

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I could go either way on it myself but tend to agree with you. You have nothing to lose by filing a bug report with support.Splunk.com.

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