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Why isnt the dedup command not working in some fields?

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Im having an issue where my contact field and l2 field is showing duplicates of the same name and when i use the dedup command nothing happens. Here's the command:
| tstats count(Vulnerabilities.signature) as "Total Vulnerabilities" from datamodel="Vulnerabilities" where (nodename="Vulnerabilities" Vulnerabilities.severity="high" OR Vulnerabilities.severity="critical" Vulnerabilities.dest_bunit IN (*) Vulnerabilities.property IN (*)) by Vulnerabilities.signature Vulnerabilities.property
| rename Vulnerabilities.property AS Property
| lookup kv_opsdb property as Property output contact
| lookup aws_accounts account_number AS Property OUTPUT account_name
| eval Property=if(isnull(account_name), Property, account_name)
| lookup workday.csv shortid as contact output l2
| sort - "Total Vulnerabilities"
| dedeup l2

Heres the result:
Vulnerabilities.signature Total Vulnerabilities Contact L2
CentOS 7 : bind (CESA-2019:1294) 129345 Jane Doe John Doe
Jane Doe John Doe
Jane Doe John Doe
Jane Doe John Doe
Jane Doe John Doe
Jane Doe John Doe
Jane Doe John Doe

and it goes on for a couple more hundred times. i just need the contact name and l2 showing once

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Hi payton_tayvion,
ay first probably it's a copy error, but at the end you have dedeup instead dedup.
Then are there differences using or not the sort command?
Then have you more than 50,000 results? if yes add 0 to the sort command ( | sort 0 l2 ).


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