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Why is this "earliest" not working?


| eval createdepoch = strptime(created, "%Y-%m-%d")
| eval _time = createdepoch
| search earliest=-90d@d 
| table _time

This returns no results,  Can anyone tell me why this wouldn't work?  

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The time range filters (earliest/latest/_index_earliest/_index_latest etc) work on base search (portion before first pipe, for both main search and subsearch) only. Unless there is a field called "earliest" returned by your base search, your query will always fail.

Assuming you want to filter result based on newly calculated _time field, try something like this:

| eval createdepoch = strptime(created, "%Y-%m-%d")
| eval _time = createdepoch
| where _time>=relative_time(now(),"-90d@d")
| table _time
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