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Why is my time search not showing expected results with a relative time picker input?

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Hello everyone,

Need your help. I have this dashboard to display some counter information for each host over a certain period of time - using the search tab called "select time", but when I start a search to show the information over the past 24hours or 7days - (Relative), the output on the graph is not well defined as shown on the snapshot below:alt text

This is my search criteria :

index=perfmon counter="Avg. Disk sec/Transfer"  Host="*" collection=LogicalDisk earliest=-1m [search index=perfmon counter="Avg. Disk sec/Transfer"  host=$host$ collection=LogicalDisk earliest=-1m | stats max(Value) as latency by host | sort 10 -Value | fields host ]  | eval dataValue= "avg disk sec/transfer:" + tostring(round(Value,3)*1000)  | makemv delim="," allowempty=true dataValue  | mvexpand dataValue  | eval part=split(dataValue,":")  | eval category = Host + ":" + mvindex(part,0)  | eval dataPoint = tonumber(mvindex(part,1))  | timechart span=1s latest(dataPoint) by category

Is there a way to resolve this?

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Remove earliest=-1m from your search. This is forcing the time over what you choose in the drop down list.

Hope I was able to help you. If so, an upvote would be appreciated.
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