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Why is Sparkline not working properly?


Hi all,

I need help with the sparkline in my spl search because it is not displaying values on the statistics table. Also, when I click the cell it shows the value of the Trend which is only this: "Trend = ##SPARKLINE##". I am using Splunk Cloud version 7.2.6.

Please see below for my search:

| pivot dm_datamodel ds_dataset SPLITROW Environment FILTER Environment in ("*") SPLITROW servername FILTER servername in ("*") SPLITROW TicketId FILTER TicketId in ("*") SPLITROW Severity FILTER Severity in ("*") SPLITROW AlertName SPLITROW PubMsg SPLITROW AlertTime SPLITROW utc_AlertTime
| eventstats count(utc_AlertTime) as alert_count by servername
| eventstats sparkline(avg(alert_count)) as Trend by servername


I checked the splunk documents and it is mention that sparkline command can be used with stat and chart commands. Although eventstats is a variation of stat, I would try to use stats or chart on this line

| stats sparkline(avg(alert_count)) as Trend by servername

Here is the document I found -> https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/7.3.2/SearchReference/CommonStatsFunctions#Support_for_...

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