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Why does search use up large amount of memory?

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I'm trying to export raw linux audit logs to a file.  For example:




splunk.exe "sourcetype=linux:audit _time>xxxx _time<xxxxx" -output rawdata -maxout 0 > outputfile.txt




I'm trying to output a weeks worth but I'm not sure how many event records there are.  I tried setting maxout to 500000 and monitoring using task manager, I will see splunk grow to use 20GB of memory at its peak. I tried setting maxout to 1000000 and it used up all of my free memory.

That actual rawdata output is only a few hundred MB, why is it using up so much memory.

More importantly, is there a workaround or fix so it doesnt use up so much memory?  I could output in smaller time increments (daily for example) but I don't know if there might be a single day that happened to generate alot of events.  I suppose I could go down to hourly.  


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I don't understand "searchtype=linux:audit", is it a typo for sourcetype? Try specifying the index in your search.


splunk.exe "searchtype=linux:audit _time>xxxx _time<xxxxx" -output rawdata -maxout 0 > outputfile.txt


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oops, sorry, that was a typo

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