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Why does my subsearch maxtime setting in limits.conf have no effect?


I have /my-app/local/limits.conf with the following content:

maxtime = 600

subsearch_maxtime = 600
subsearch_timeout = 800

Yet when search finished - job inspector still claims that:

 [subsearch]: Search auto-finalized after time limit (60 seconds) reached.

Does this means the setting is ignored, or does this mean that this message is actually incorrect?

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Make sure you've restarted after making the changes, and run these two to check that Splunk understands your configuration:

./bin/splunk cmd btool --debug limits list subsearch
./bin/splunk cmd btool --debug limits list join


Side note: Use | format to avoid having to assemble the search string manually.

If you're on 6.2.x, add this to limits.conf:

infocsv_log_level = DEBUG

Then run your search again with the ip-subsearch and look at the debug output at the top of the job inspector. That should present you with a complete list of IPs used for filtering.

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These commands shows that Splunk honors the limits i set in limits.conf. Which means that ...time limit (60 seconds) reached. message is a bug?

Although I did experiment by comparing results of two queries - one using subsearch and another one using hardcoded search using values that subsearch suppose to return:
index=x page=hello [search index=x user=joe| dedup ip | fields ip] | stats c - this returned c=150
index=x user=joe | fields ip | dedup ip | mvcombine ip | eval ip="(ip=" + mvjoin(ip, " OR ip=") + ")" | table ip
- this returned fragment of search query: (ip= OR ip= OR ip=...)
- So i copy/pasted this fragment and rerun main query like this:
index=x page=hello (ip= OR ip= OR ip=...) | stats c - this returned c=200

Which means query with subsearch still missed something, even with high limits value set?

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