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Why does Using "|" pipe cause 2nd line on search ? Search ends with unbalanced parentheses. Adding parentheses doesn't help.

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After adding pipe (|) , search looks like following :
1 (index=main sourcetype=access_combined_wcookie status=200 file=success.do
2 | top productld limit=5)

Search ends with unbalanced parentheses.

Each time entering "|" pipe causes a new line

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It's a preference, under settings -> spl editor -> Search auto-format

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hey @brolarf
Learn SPL syntax using this doc

The query you are hitting index=main sourcetype=access_combined_wcookie status=200 file=success.do
it does not contain any productID
so you will not get any events with this search

index=main sourcetype=access_combined_wcookie status=200 file=success.do 
| top limit=5 productld

But you try this you will probably end up getting events

index=main sourcetype=access_combined_wcookie status=200 productId=* file=*
| top limit=5 productld

If you want to learn basic SPL. I mean how it works you should do this free course available on splunk

let me know if this helps !

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Hi, brolarf.

You must have parentheses balanced between pipes. No need to use parentheses at the beginning and at the end of query.

If you don't want each pipe to start a new line, you can easily disable this in "Account Settings": https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/7.0.1/Search/Parsingsearches#Auto-format_search_syntax

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I would suggest reading this Splunk documentation which describes how a SPL in Splunk is formatted.



Hi brolarf,

you should not use parenthesis that go beyond a pipe.
You should not even have any "(" ")" in that search.

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