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Why are the emailed results of my search not formatted the same as results in Splunk Web?


I have a real time search that sends an email if there are any results. In Splunk, the search is formatted as I would expect.

web results

In the email version, however, the rows don't format properly - any clue why?

alt text

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Path Finder

When using list in a triggered alert, it creates "sublines" inside of a true single line.
I would be like going in Excell and hitting Shift+Enter in a cell.

Have you tried doing the following just for the alert?

stats count(cm) as Message by logdata.machineName, logdata.projectIdentifier | (your rename statement)

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Nice job showing the problem! I would open a support case.

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I notice my reports come out slightly different also. I think this is a bug unless splunk can get this question answered

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