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Why are my props/transforms not taking effect?


Hello, i have a single Splunk Enterprise instance with a 9997 listener. I have a single Windows Server with a UF forwarding data to the Splunk Enterprise. This is all good; data is being forwarded as expected.

I am now trying to make a few props.conf changes to the data, but none of my configuration seems to make any difference, when i go look in the Splunk Enterprise search app.

Here in props.conf i a, trying to transform the host, set the timezone to Sydney and set the event time.

TRANSFORMS-change_host = WinEventHostOverride
TZ = Australia/Sydney

Here in transforms.conf is my host overide block;

DEST_KEY = MetaData:Host
REGEX = (?m)^ComputerName=([\S]*)
FORMAT = host::$1

On every change i make, i have performed a splunk.exe restart on the UF host. However, nothing appears to change in my index.

Here is a sample from my index.

  • As you can see the Time field is UTC, but i want the time in the actual Event to be the Time.
  • The host field is not transforming to the correct ComputerName field in the event.

alt text

Using Answers from other questions, i used the following search query to "test" the regex and it appears to work, so i am confused why it doesn't work.

index=* | head 1 | eval testdata="ComputerName=ahslc01p" | regex testdata="(?m)^ComputerName=([\S]*)" | stats count
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Thanks to both of you. The Wiki article is invaluable, and should be re-incorporated into official documentation.

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A two things I can spot:

  • in props.conf you are using a * in the sourcetype name, this is not supported.
  • you restarted the UF after each change - but the props/transforms should be applied on your single Splunk instance

cheers, MuS

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Yep, this is a slightly old piece of documentation, but it gives a good understanding of what goes where, in terms of configuration items.


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Thank you, this Wiki was invaluable and should be incorporated back into official documentation.

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