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Why are fields showing as undefined with values of price, magic, and relevance from production apache access logs index?


What is going on here?

All fields are technically working correctly, as I can filter by them, use them in stats or eval commands, make tables and charts with them. They show up properly in the field values page in the job inspector, and they are listed on the lefthand column in search.

However, if I click one of those columns on the lefthand side of search, every field shows as undefined, and the values show as price, magic, and relevance, in proportions that have nothing to do with the actual fields.

This only seems to be affecting one index, which happens to be our largest by far: production apache access logs. This is happening on all search heads and indexers. No configs have been modified.


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Look at those special values. and drilldown to the original events.

Are the format/sources/sourcetypes correct ?
maybe some random files were copied in your access-combined folder and indexed ?

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