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Why am I getting inconsistent results when using a different search date range for the same record in Splunk 4.3.2?

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While running a search for a specific record in a specific date (tagged as WT_vt_sid) i get one result with value for field WT_mc_id , but when i search for a date range where this record exists i get that record but without the value even though it exists on the raw data and tagged properly.
for example:
2014-06-18 23:32:07 - www.test.co.il GET /Internet/Pages/Upgrade/net.aspx utm_source=reshet&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=upgrade&WT.mc_id=reshet-video-upgrade&WT.vt_sid=

I expect to get the value "reshet-video-upgrade" for field WT_mc_id but i get it only when i search the specific visitor(vt_sid). or sometimes when record amount is smaller (e.g.: when i narrow the search for only records with mc_id like "video" )
Splunk version is 4.3.2

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

First option : if this is a timestamp issue
Your data seems to be in GMT
1403134327 epoch matches the date in the first line : 2014-06-18 23:32:07

to verify that the event is in the time range you expect, please run a search like

"**" | table _time date_zone _raw

Second option : if this is a field extraction issue
by example there is not & separator between WT.vt_sid, oabd WT.co_f
and you have a mix of separators : , & _ -

Remember that fields names can only contain letters, numbers and underscore.
if you want to verify what is extracted check the fields available.

<mysearch> | table "WT*" "*_*" _raw

Finally do a manual field extraction.

<my search> | rex "WT.mc_id=(?<WT_mc_id>[^&]*)" | rex "WT.vt_sid=(?<WT_vt_sid>[\d\.-]*)" | table WT_mc_id WT_vt_sid

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