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Why am I getting error "lookup table 'dropdownsLookup' does not exist. It is referenced by configuration"?


ERROR LookupOperator - The lookup table 'dropdownsLookup' does not exist. It is referenced by configuration ...

...where configurations belongs to learned app.

How to solve it, please? How to create dropdownsLookup?



As @jeremiahc4 and @srioux mentioned in the comments, fixing the app scoping addressed a similar problem I had where I was receiving an ERROR LookupOperator - The lookup table... error.

Go to Settings > Lookups > Automatic Lookups and ensure that the Sharing for your automatic lookup is set to App, not Global. Prior to this I had noticed that the lookup didn't exist in my app's local.meta file either, and after I set the permissions from Global to App it appeared correctly.

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App scoping could be a problem. If the auto-lookups exist in one app & shared Globally, where the lookup definition isn't, could cause some problems.


Did you add an automatic lookup called "dropdownsLookup" in a different app? Apparently even though you add a lookup in an app, other apps can see it if you define it by a common sourcetype. At least that is my experience at the moment. I asked a similar question recently.


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