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Why am I getting error "lookup table 'dropdownsLookup' does not exist. It is referenced by configuration"?


ERROR LookupOperator - The lookup table 'dropdownsLookup' does not exist. It is referenced by configuration ...

...where configurations belongs to learned app.

How to solve it, please? How to create dropdownsLookup?


Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Since 2020s the dropdown lookup moved to  ITSI content pack app

There is a content pack DA-ITSI-CP-unix-dashboards that contains an automatic lookup for some sourcetypes.

The lookup is Lookup-dropdowns, relying on a csv lookup named dropdowns.csv. And coupled with an automatic lookup named "dropdownsLookup".
The issue was that the csv lookup is not shipped with the app, but is being created/updated by a scheduled search "dropdowns_lookup_migrate"
That scheduled search was running, but failed to create the lookup because of fields names issues.
As a consequence, every time a search triggers the automatic lookup, the lookup throw an error because it does not find the csv file to load.

To address the issue :
- we ran the search "dropdowns_lookup_migrate" manually (without the append=t) to create the dropdowns lookup manually once to create the base lookup with the correct fields.

If you have no entities, the lookup has only one line with "all_hosts".
- then we waited for the search bundle to replicate to the indexers
After that, the lookup error stopped.

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As @jeremiahc4 and @srioux mentioned in the comments, fixing the app scoping addressed a similar problem I had where I was receiving an ERROR LookupOperator - The lookup table... error.

Go to Settings > Lookups > Automatic Lookups and ensure that the Sharing for your automatic lookup is set to App, not Global. Prior to this I had noticed that the lookup didn't exist in my app's local.meta file either, and after I set the permissions from Global to App it appeared correctly.

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App scoping could be a problem. If the auto-lookups exist in one app & shared Globally, where the lookup definition isn't, could cause some problems.


Did you add an automatic lookup called "dropdownsLookup" in a different app? Apparently even though you add a lookup in an app, other apps can see it if you define it by a common sourcetype. At least that is my experience at the moment. I asked a similar question recently.


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