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Where is the Splunk API documentation for search jobs?

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In an online example that lets you export a splunk result, I found the following code.


<a class="btn btn-primary" role="button" href="/api/search/jobs/$export_sid$/results?isDownload=true&amp;timeFormat=%25FT%25T.%25Q%25%3Az&amp;maxLines=0&amp;count=0&amp;filename=$filename_token$&amp;outputMode=csv">Download CSV</a> 

This does almost exactly what I want, so I tried to find more information of what is happening.

I see some parameters there and I want to understand them.

  • isDownload=true&amp;
  • timeFormat=%25FT%25T.%25Q%25%3Az&amp;
  • maxLines=0&amp;count=0&amp;
  • filename=$filename_token$&amp;
  • outputMode=csv

I think the fields are almost self explaining but I would like to read the official documentation, also I would like the know what other possible parameters I can provide.

When looking for the documentation I only found : Search endpoint descriptions - Splunk Documentation

But this does not describe the parameters passed in the example. Where can i find an explenation of the parameters used? 

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