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When testing federated search, no fields show up- Is this a bug?

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We are testing federated search. 

when on the provider (environment A), the fields are nicely extracted.

When on the federated SH (environment B), the fields do not show up, however they are usable in SPL for filtering etc... .

anyone have an idea if this is a bug/restriction.

I have found here restrictions on transparent-mode FS, but we are entirely on prem (8.2.1) so we are using standard mode.

I am not conflicting any of the below restrictions documented, just simple search (and data does return)

index=federated:<source_index> sourcetype=<sourcetype>


Restrictions for standard mode federated search

Standard mode federated search does not support the following:

  • Generating commands other than search, from, or tstats. For example, federated searches cannot include the datamodel or inputlookup commands. You can find a list of generating commands in Command types, in the Search Reference.
  • The from command can reference only datasets of the saved search and data model dataset types.
  • Usage of wildcard symbols (*) to reference multiple federated indexes.
  • Metrics indexes and related metrics-specific search commands, such as mpreview or mstats. If you must include metrics data in a federated search, consider mapping a federated index to a saved search dataset that contains metric data. See Create a federated index.

in the section on transparent mode there is something about search-time field extraction which then self-references as a page.


any ideas ?



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Try this :

index=federated:<source_index> sourcetype=<sourcetype> |fields *

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Hi @yk ,

Sorry I should have mentioned that I did that, and yes then they show.

But this is not how it is intended to work I think.

Appreciate your reply though 👍

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