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What is the indexer acknowledgement parameters in outputs.conf?


what is the indexer acknowledgement  parameters in Outputs.conf?

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Hi @Ramana246,

as you can read at https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/9.0.4/Admin/Outputsconf :

useACK = <boolean>
* Whether or not to use indexer acknowledgment.
* Indexer acknowledgment is an optional capability on forwarders that helps
  prevent loss of data when sending data to an indexer.
* A value of "true" means the forwarder retains a copy of each sent event
  until the receiving system sends an acknowledgment.
  * The receiver sends an acknowledgment when it has fully handled the event
    (typically when it has written it to disk in indexing).
  * If the forwarder does not receive an acknowledgment, it resends the data
    to an alternative receiver.
  * NOTE: The maximum memory used for the outbound data queues increases
    significantly by default (500KB -> 28MB) when the 'useACK' setting is
    enabled. This is intended for correctness and performance.
* A value of "false" means the forwarder considers the data fully processed
  when it finishes writing it to the network socket.
* You can configure this setting at the [tcpout] or [tcpout:<target_group>]
  stanza levels. You cannot set it for individual servers at the
  [tcpout-server: ...] stanza level.
* Default: false




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