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What is Use of ConvertToRedirect Module

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What is the use of ConvertToRedirect Module?? How to use this module?? Can we use this module to pass values across different Views??

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Re: What is Use of ConvertToRedirect Module


ConvertToRedirect is a rarely used module that is very limited in what it can do.
It takes a 'type' param, as well as a 'settingToConvert' param.

The 'type' param can specify a savedsearch name (by setting type to 'savedsearch', 'saved_search', or 's'), or it can specify a search id (aka job id), by setting type to 'search' or 'sid'.

In either case, the value is taken from the key specified in 'settingToConvert'.

Note: while there are certainly cases where this limited functionality could be useful, I recommend that you look at the Redirector module available in the Sideview Utils app as an alternative. Since that module offers considerably more generic functionality for linking between views, it is more likely to offer whatever functionality you are looking for.

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