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We see this error message "Search peer USADC-xxxxx has the following message: Too many streaming errors to target=xx.xx.xxx:8080.

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We have four indexer and replication factor is 2.replication port is on all indexer is 8080 and is enabled on all server.
We observed that indexer 2 and indexer 4 has lost the connectivity and they were not able to ping each other but indexer 1 can ping indexer 4 and indexer 3 can ping indexer 4 vice versa.Not sure what is the exact issue. can some one suggest on this?

Below is the complete error message

"Search peer indexer4-xxxxx has the following message: Too many streaming errors to target=xx.2.70.xxx:8080. Not rolling hot buckets on further errors to this target. (This condition might exist with other targets too. Please check the logs)"

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You noted in another question that this issue is resolved. Please add a note to say what you did and accept your own answer so others can see how you resolved it!

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If you have transport failures (ie, you cant ping the hosts) this is not a Splunk problem.

You will need your network/ops team to diagnose the issue - could be any number of problems. Network config/firewalls/routing.

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