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Variance or Average Delta Between MV Field of timestamps

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I'm trying to calculate the variance and delta between a multivalue field that contains epoch timestamps. The purpose is to determine the interval between web requests for a system to a specific domain/url.

The mvfield (event_time) will contain at most 100 values. 

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You can try utilizing a foreach mode=multivalue loop to gather deltas between the timestamps and then do descriptive statistics around the new delta MV field.

Something like this:

    ``` sorting event_time mvfield values ```
    | eval
    ``` initializing field current for the nex foreach loop ```
    | eval
        current=mvindex(event_time, 0)
    ``` loop through each value in event_time and subtract the preceding value to get a delta ```
    | foreach mode=multivalue event_time
            | eval
                delta=mvappend(delta, tmp_delta),
    ``` removing these fields as they are no longer needed ```
    | fields - current, tmp_delta
    | eval
        ``` stripping off first entry from delta mvfield since it will always be zero and skew stats ```
        delta=mvindex(delta, 1, -1),
        ``` calculate avergae delta betwwen timestamps ```
        ``` diff is a temp field to assist with evaluating the standard deviation s=√(Σ((delta-avg_delta)^2/(n-1))) ```
        diff=mvmap(delta, 'delta'-'avg_delta'),
        diff_2=mvmap(diff, pow(diff, 2)),
        ``` evaluate variance ```
        variance_delta=pow('stdev_delta', 2)
    ``` remove diff fields as they were temporary to calculate standard deviation ```
    | fields - diff, diff_2
    ``` zscore for more detail ```
    | eval
        zscore_delta=mvmap(delta, (('delta'-'avg_delta')/'stdev_delta'))
    ``` human readable format (duration) of deltas for context ```
    | eval
        stdev_duration=tostring(stdev_delta, "duration"),
        range_duration=tostring(range_delta, "duration")
    ``` just sorting fields list for final display ```
    | fields + event_time, delta, zscore_delta, avg_delta, stdev_delta, variance_delta, range_delta, stdev_duration, range_duration

 It should return you a table that looks like this.



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