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Using field eval values in if condition.


I have a search as below:

|rex field=Field "^(?.+?)."
| eval Srvr = if(sourcetype="Type_1", Field_1 , if(sourcetype="Type_2", Field_2, "NA"))
| table Id sourcetype Field_1 Srvr

I have two fields
Field_1 that is in sourcetype="Type_1"
Field_2 that is in sourcetype="Type_2"
I want to take the values of these field in one field that is Srvr in the searxh above.

Please suggest as the query is not picking up the values from the fields Field_1 and Filed_2 but the if condition is working with harcoded values.

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Try this

....| eval Srvr=coalesce(Field_1, Field_2, "NA") | table ....rest of the command
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