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Use of Outputlookup results in further search

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I am trying to find the list of packages installed in all hosts. if any host doesnt have that package installed, I am trying to find those hosts as well. I am using outputlookup and inputlookup to achieve this.

index=module sourcetype=packagesinstalled source="InstalledSoftware" host="Comp*names" | dedup host | stats list(host) | outputlookup hosts.csv | append [search index=module sourcetype=packagesinstalled source="InstalledSoftware" pkgName= package1 | dedup host, Name | stats list(Host) count(host) by Name, Version ]

This gives me list of all the hosts(total 100hosts) in top
and list of hosts where packages are installed (70) in the bottom frames.

how can i find the missing 30 hosts that do not have that package installed.

i tried using Set diff [search1] [search2] and dont find it helpful.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Does this work?

index=module sourcetype=packages_installed source="InstalledSoftware" host="Comp*names" 
| eval packageInstall=if(pkgName=="package1","True","False")
| stats values(packageInstall) as "Package Installed"  by host Name Version
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