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Two intention searches on one timechart



I have two separate searches that I would like to put together one graph. I don't think I can use a join because they are both intention searches. I think I can't use chart overlay either.

The usage is that the user will choose a server from a drop down list, which will trigger those two searches separately. One search creates an area timechart and the second one creates a splitSeries line timechart. Now I have them on two separate chart but I would like to put them on one time chart if possible.

Appreciate any help.


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Its possible but not easy.

You're going to need to come up with a search that mashes all the data into a a single result


_time  area_value  split_value1 split_value2 split_value3

Then play with multi axis graphs.
Example here - the color stuff can be ignored - I needed that or something else.

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