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TsidxStats Unknown function list



in the doc I can see we can use the list function with the pivot commands, but when I tried I got this error message :
Error in 'TsidxStats': Unknown function: list
How can I use the list function with my datamodel (I don't want use values function to have all the data including duplicated)

| pivot latis_datamodel base_search values(jde_app) AS "Program list" list(jde_app_version) AS "jde_app_version" count(base_search) AS usage FILTER environment startsWith PROD  FILTER jde_app isNotNull SPLITROW samaccountname AS "User list" SPLITROW jde_login AS "Account list" FILTER samaccountname isNot userbac01 SORT 100000 samaccountname ROWSUMMARY 0 COLSUMMARY 0 NUMCOLS 0 SHOWOTHER 1


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