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Top & Fields command

| top 5 SessionID by host | fields - Anzahl, precent

This code returns all events in the index instead of five and removes no counts and percent fields. Who can be the problem?alt text

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Your query is fetching top 5 sessionID for each host (all hosts will be shown). What was your requirement?

Regarding removing the fields, the percent field name is misspelled (written as precent) hence it's not removed. For removing count, try to use field name count itself. (try | fields - count, percent)

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@somesoni2 actually better would be to use showperc=f and showcount=f arguments in the top command itself.

| top 5 SessionID by host showperc=f showcount=f

@anasshsa your query id giving you top 5 sessions for each host. If that is your requirement you can try the following:

| top 5 SessionID by host showperc=f 
| xyseries host SessionID count

Please let us know if you are looking for something else.

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