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Token Date in a search with join


I have this search. My problem is that the result only results in seven days. If I do only the first part, before the Union, the result is correct, but when I execute the two searches, the results are not correct.

earliest=-15d@d latest=now index=wineventlog (EventCode="4624") 
|regex Account_Name!=".*\$"                     
|eval Day=strftime(_time,"%d/%m/%Y")   
|eval User=mvindex(Account_Name,1)     
|eval Time=strftime(_time,"%d/%m/%Y %H.%M.%S")
|stats earliest(Time) as PrimerLogin by User,host,Day  
|eval desde=strptime(PrimerLogin,"%d/%m/%Y %H.%M.%S") 
|join  User,host,Day
[search earliest=-15d@d latest=now index=wineventlog (EventCode="4634")  
|regex Account_Name!=".*\$"
|eval Day=strftime(_time,"%d/%m/%Y")
|eval User=Account_Name
|eval Time=strftime(_time,"%d/%m/%Y %H.%M.%S")
|stats latest(Time) as UltimoLogoff by User,host,Day 
|eval hasta= strptime(UltimoLogoff,"%d/%m/%Y %H.%M.%S")
|eval segundos_usados=hasta-desde 
|eval diff=if(0>segundos_usados,"Usuario No Deslogeado",tostring(floor((segundos_usados)/(3600))) + "hs" +  tostring(floor((segundos_usados)/(60))%60) + "min" )
|stats values(PrimerLogin) as Login,values(UltimoLogoff) as Logoff,values(diff) as Duration by User,host,Day
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Don't use join like that, use stats and OR instead:

 earliest=-15d@d latest=now index=wineventlog (EventCode="4624" OR EventCode="4634") 
| regex Account_Name!=".*\$"                     
| eval Day=strftime(_time,"%d/%m/%Y")   
| eval User=if(mvcount(Account_Name) > 1, mvindex(Account_Name,1), Account_Name)
| eval login_time = case(EventCode="4624", _time),  logoff_time = case(EventCode="4634", _time)
| stats earliest(login_time) as desde, latest(logoff_time) as hasta by User, host, Day
| eval segundos_usados=hasta-desde 

That will go through both event codes together, and stats-by the two together for each user-host-day triple.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi @yassy,

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