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Timecharts, distinct count and Total distinct count

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This may be simple, but I am pretty new to splunk in general and my attempts have not proved fruitful yet.

So I have a search returns a timechart of distinct users per State for an event, works fine. Timechart auto breaks it down which can be tuned, no problems there. What I want to do though, is add one final line to my timechart that is a "cumulative distinct count" for the search. The catch is, I want it to be a DC for the WHOLE timeframe, not just a sum of each dc timechart splits up into (aka addtotals col=t is not what I am looking for).

Any thoughts?

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Edit: Here is the search string

index=cap type="AcctBadPswd" | geoip fromhost | search fromhost_country_name="United States"|timechart dc(user) by fromhost_region_name limit=55 usenull=0 useother=0

PS: I am having a TERRIBLE time with captchas on this site, worst ever... I can't edit my original post, always fails.

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I think you are looking for

...| eventstats dc(users) | ...

Or something similar, please add your base search and sample events to get more information

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