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Timechart limit 1000 results per series, can I increase this?

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Example: I want a second-by-second stat for the past 24 hours. The following message shows: "These results may be truncated. This visualization is configured to display a maximum of 1000 results per series, and that limit has been reached".
How would I alter that limit?

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If you turn this into a dashboard, you can use the charting.data.count option to set a higher limit than the default of 1000 (even unlimited (0) if you're feeling dangerous).
See Chart configuration reference's General chart properties

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This doesn't work in 7.4.X

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Hmmm. Latest release is 7.2.4, not 7.4. Is that what you mean? If so, I see it's still valid as per the documentation. You may want to verify if you found a bug (try another environment or make sure it's not the specific dashboard) and if so, open a support request for validation of the bug.

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