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Timechart - Is it possible to portray more than one value on the same stacked timechart?


I have a stacked column in a timechart that currently displays the count for each value in it. See https://imgur.com/a/RLDhoDt. Let's say you are looking at the count of IP addresses by user logins per month (yes, only four users in this case).

What I'd like to see instead of the count numbers are the literal values of the IP addresses. For example, instead of "6", you'd literally see the 6 unique IP addresses for that portion of the bar.

Is this possible? It doesn't have to be in a timechart either. Whatever works and can chunk the data up by month.

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Not with a standard timechart because all Y-axis values must be numbers. There are many, many custom visualizations on splunkbase and you can search by that category. Maybe one of those will look better to you.

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