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Tagging based on source



We use log4net for a bunch of our windows services and web applications. Currently I set the sourcetype for each of the log4net logs using props.conf based on the source file and I make it a meaningful name like sourcetype=log4net:service:dispatcher or sourcetype=log4net:web:portal, something along those lines. The log files are rolled daily, so they have the date appended to the log file each day. e.g.


I use wildcards in my props.conf to match the source due to the date rolling. We also have multiple hosts that use the same log format and applications. So three hosts or so could have the same log file names above, etc.

As almost all of the log4net logs are a common format I'd like to change the sourcetype to log4net, which let's me easily put in a bunch of field extractions and a few other things, and then just tag the logs with the meaningful information rather than having it in the sourcetype. This seems like a better way to search for things as well as the other advantates.
I was envisioning having tags in key value pairs, so I'd have something like

log4netfamily=service or log4netfamily=web

then drilling down into the actual application names, like

log4netapp=dispatcher or log4netapp=portal

As far as I can tell there is no way to do this easily with tags except by mucking about with your props and transforms and appending a key value string to your log entry each time it gets indexed. Seems like a hassle, no? What's the best way to achieve having additional key value tags (essentially an extra field) based on source?

I was also thinking having single value tags would be okay too (tag=log4netservice or tag=log4netweb is fine with me), but I'm having problems getting that going too.
What I was hoping I could do is just add a source stanza to my tags.conf based on the file name, so for example in tags.conf

log4netservice = enabled 
log4netdispatcher = enabled

(I also tried the following alternative on the tag, I'm not sure which is correct)


But neither seems to apply the tags (I'm searching for tag::source="log4netservice", is that right?). From what I can see/read it seems wildcards don't work in tags.conf. Is that so? What are my options here?

If this all seems a bit pointless I'll just put in a wildcard extraction stanza as per this splunkbase article, but it seems like a bit of a no no based on the comments:

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Re: Tagging based on source


Any ideas?

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