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Tabular report showing count based on time range

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I need to create report in alt text format.
Could anyone help me in achieving this.
I can have time interval of 2 hours as well if cannot have in the format.

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If you just need count, this should be lightning fast:

| tstats count where index=_* BY date_wday date_hour 
| eval date_wday=case(date_wday="sunday"   , "      sunday",
                      date_wday="monday"   , "     monday",
                      date_wday="tuesday"  , "    tuesday",
                      date_wday="wednesday", "   wednesday",
                      date_wday="thursday" , "  thursday",
                      date_wday="friday"   , " friday",
                      true(), date_wday)
| chart first(count) OVER date_hour BY date_wday
| addtotals row=t col=t
| eval date_hour=if(date_hour>23, "TOTAL", date_hour)
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@chintan_shah, please check out Punchcard Custom Visualization App (https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/3129/), it will load some examples with date_hour and count, which would plot the data as per your need.

alt text

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"

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can you provide some input data? i mean with fields

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its just the count of events, my requirement is to show counts based on the time range.

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