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Hey All,

I'm trying to accomplish a search here that seems so simple but I got stucked. I have this one where give me all Origination who made a call, good so far:

sourcetype=xyz Dur>0  OTG=* Int_DTG=Brazil
| top route_name, OTG limit=0 

I got all customers that called to Brazil, here I got 100 events on statistics area but grouped as:

OTG | Count

the count here is how many times the OTG made the call.


OTG - Wesley Franklin | Count 40 calls
OTG - Jhon | Count 60

The total here is 100. I just want to made count/summ of all Count by OTG field that shows me a simple math as 100

Sorry if it's no clear I will really appreciate your patience and time.

Thank you so much.

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So skip the top and do this:

sourcetype=Brazil Dur>0 dn=026*
| stats count BY OTG
| sort 0 - count
| addtotals row=f col=t
| fillnull value="TOTAL"
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how do you use makeresults command to generate this kind of sample eventset. I want to try this on my system

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Maybe I haven't explained it correctly, let's break it down:

So my current search it's:

sourcetype=Brazil Dur>0 dn=026*
| top OTG limit=0
| fields - percent

Well, here I will get: All customers from Brazil that are calling using dialed number 026 (at the beginning, dn field) and its source by OTG field then I got something like:

| OTG     | count | 
| Wesley  | 50 calls
| Jhon    | 50 calls

Where: OTG stands for Origination customer.

I'm getting 2differents OTG here I'd like to count it like:

| OTG |
| 10  |

Sorry if what I put firstly isn't that.

Thank you in advance.

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If I read your question correctly, simply add to the end of your search

| addcoltotals

That might do what you want. If it doesn't, please provide the search you use and a sample event or two so that we have a better idea of what you have now.

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